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Woman Labeled ‘Karen’ In Viral Video Accuses BLM Supporter Of Being Racist

James posted a video on social media showing his exchange with a couple who accused him of defacing private property while he was stenciling Black Lives Matter outside his home. The video went viral and the couple later issued public apologies for the incident. On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Sandrella, a woman who was the subject of another viral video that resulted in her being labeled a “Karen” tells James, “You’re being racist toward people of my color, and I was born in Beirut, Lebanon.”. , AOL, Yahoo News, MSN, Percolately Link to Story

Man Convicted Of Molesting His Daughter Claims She Seduced Him

Bob was convicted of molesting his daughter Kim when she was a child. He spent four years in prison for sexual assault, but Kim, who says her father abused her for years, claims he still hasn’t fully owned up to what he did. She says Bob blames her for the abuse. Bob, who doesn’t deny having sexual contact with his daughter, claims Kim seduced him.
AOL, Yahoo News, Link to Story

Adult abuse survivor recalls childhood trauma, 'My stepdad would get the gun that was beside his bed, put it to my head and pull the trigger, pretend to shoot me'

When Lauren Kavanaugh was eight years old, authorities liberated her from a six-year ordeal in which her mother and stepfather kept her shut away in a 4'x9' filth-ridden bedroom closet. Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson were accused of starving the little girl, and only allowing her out of her confined quarters to beat her, terrorize her, and abuse her.
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A predatory act. Maneuvering an individual to make them more vulnerable to abusive behavior.
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Atlanta PAL - Police Athletic League (Web)

A youth crime prevention initiative,
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Croplan Beyond Seed Magazine Spring 2015

Industry insights, Testimonials, Answer Plot® data. Product information. WinField Solutions, LLC. Assignment editor, copy editor and contributing writer.
CROPLAN®, Beyond Seed Magazine. © 2015 WinField Solutions, LLC. Link to Story

Sunflowers 101

Fruiting plant among the most widely adapted crops in all the world.
Flinders, P. R., & Bohl, B. (2015, June 7). Sunflowers 101. CROPLAN®, Beyond Seed Magazine. © 2015 WinField Solutions, LLC. Link to Story

Runnings: Work and Play (TV )

No matter what your project or passion is, Runnings has you covered.
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Highways More Dangerous in Rural Areas

Fifty-seven percent of all alcohol related crashes take place on rural roads.
Flinders, P. R. (2015, May 17). Highways More Dangerous in Rural Areas Than in Urban Zones. Farmers Union Oil of Kenmare, 2015 (Summer). Copyright @Farmers Union Oil of Kenmare, 2015 Link to Story


Copywriting and Production for the Healthcare Industry
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Casino Marketing and Production

Print, Broadcast, Web and Outdoor Production from the gaming and entertainment sector.
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Rivers Bend: Evolving Business While Keeping Tradition Alive

Wisconsin has enjoyed a long love affair with its Supper Clubs.
Flinders, P. R. (2012, November 27). Rivers Bend: Keeping Tradition Alive. Company Magazine, 2012(12/01). Copyright © 2005 - 2015 Company Magazine All Rights Reserved Link to Story


Analytical, irreverent, resourceful, experience-rich collaborator, offering imagination, insight, and excellence in the execution of advertising copy and production deliverables

Part of the advertising and production community for over 15 years, Polly is an accomplished writer, producer, journalist, and creative director. She possesses an analytical mind and creative flair, bringing intelligence, wit, and heart to client projects. Polly's ability to absorb and act on information, conceptualizing solutions to creative challenges sets her apart from the crowd.

• Deploys messaging that deftly and persuasively communicates benefits and brand values.
• Positioning, taglines, audience-facing campaigns and media channel distribution.
• Project management: budgets, scheduling, standards, processes, contracts, licensing, clearances,
co-op, and brand compliance.
• Cross-functional team leader keeping people motivated and projects rolling.
• Thinks beyond the binary.