Writer-Producer-Creative Director

Glendale, California

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Analytical, irreverent, resourceful, experience-rich collaborator, offering imagination, insight, and excellence in the execution of advertising copy and production deliverables

Part of the advertising and production community for over 15 years, Polly is an accomplished writer, producer, journalist, and creative director. She possesses an analytical mind and creative flair, bringing intelligence, wit, and heart to client projects. Polly's ability to absorb and act on information, conceptualizing solutions to creative challenges sets her apart from the crowd.

• Deploys messaging that deftly and persuasively communicates benefits and brand values.
• Positioning, taglines, audience-facing campaigns and media channel distribution.
• Project management: budgets, scheduling, standards, processes, contracts, licensing, clearances,
co-op, and brand compliance.
• Cross-functional team leader keeping people motivated and projects rolling.
• Thinks beyond the binary.